Display States equivalent?

I haven’t noticed myself yet, can anyone tell me if there is a tool similar to Display States in Solidworks? It allows you to create a list, which when you select a list item then it controls visibility of various components.

So lets say you are developing some complex geometry and you find your self repeatedly toggling preview of multiple sets of multiple components, you could simply activate the appropriate display state, which might unpreview some obscuring large body or make it transparent (say by previewing a transparent custom preview) to allow quick visual access to obscured or unpreviewed geometry, or to preview various combinations of component previews quickly and easily.

Further, I am looking to get started with custom coding, and I wonder if there might be a way to create this feature for my own use, though it seems different than creating a component script, but would have to be a script to control the UI itself.


You can use hideShowObjectPreview component from Metahopper to control the preview visibility of specified objects.

Great, thank you. Do you know how to use it? I’m getting an error and not having any luck on finding how to use that component properly.HideShow Object Preview.gh (7.2 KB)

Slight chance that I broke it, as I downloaded and added metahopper, when evidently I already had it installed and got that typical error.

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Nice, thanks much!

Wha’d you use to create that gif?

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Thanks again!

Hi @Mahdiyar, @andheum is there any way to implement this with c#? I would like to implement this inside my code to have a visual control when my Toggle is executing.
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private void RunScript(bool preview, ref object A)
  Component.Hidden = !preview;

Thomas.gh (3.1 KB)