Display Setting for Origami

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Anyone know how to adjust the setting display for this model. It is a 3-D folded tessellation. It is showing backedges and the surface edges behind the front surface.


Try Checking/Unchecking the Use accelerated hardware modes toggle in Rhino Options. It should be located at Rhino Options > View > OpenGL. I’ve seen a few glitches like this on workstations with Nvidia Quadro GPUs, usually when Rhino warns about drivers that need to be upgraded.

It is a great help! Thank you so much…

Glad it worked out for you. Cheers!

If that solved the issue there is possibly an issue with your Graphics driver . Try updating Rhino and the driver for your Graphics card and check accelerated mode back on. If you leave it off your display on complex models might be sluggish.
What version of Rhino are you on and what operating system?


Hi Willem,
I have an updated Rhino and graphic card.
I am using Rhino 5 SR9 64bit Educational Version and
my laptop operating system is
Intel® Core(TM i3 CPU M370@2.40GHz, 6GB RAM with ATI MOBILITY RADEON graphic Card.
Do I need to change laptop?

Ni need for a new laptop, what you could try is updating Rhino:

Latest SR is 10 or 11 you can check via HELP-> Check For Updates


Hi Willem
Sorry, I didn’t check for new update and claim I have updated version. It is embarrassing. I have updated my Rhino and it works well with checked acceleration mode now. Thank you so much.

No Problem, that’s what this forum is for.