Display problem

After loading some solids exported from Revit I get a distorted visualization in Shaded view.

No problem in the wireframe view. If I explode this closed polysurface and joined again the problem is gone..
Any thoughts on this?

maybe the objects are too far from the world origin but if expliding and joining solves it. maybe _RefreshShade could help

Are you exporting a 3dm file from Revit or some other format? We would probably need to see the file that Revit generated to figure out what is going wrong.

the Revit model is at 0,0.
I export dwg and I move it in AutoCAD in projected coordinates. ( far from origin 210000 in x 4370000 in y). Then I import the dwg in Rhino. I show big visualization problems in escape and after that, I moved the project close to the origin in Rhino. But the problem is still here. Maybe I should make the movement in AutoCAD close to origin and import after in Rhino?

This does sound like a far from origin issue. Try Diego’s suggestion of _RefreshShade first. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll need to look at the model that you are working with to figure out what is happening.

sorry for my late reply but refreshShade solved the program.
Thank you very much.

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