Display Problem when working with blocks

I often insert site plans as blocks in the drawing file. In V6 the inserted block shows strange lines / as well it is snapping to lines that are not visible…
when exploding the block, lines are changing and are shown correctly.

  1. Initial File, that is afterwards inserted as block

  2. Drawing file in which the initial file is inserted (as referenced block)…

Hi Thomas - my guess is the objects have been inserted very far from the world origin - is that the case?


Yes. So the only way to solve that is to change the position in the original file?

This should be fixable; @thomasn or @pascal do you have a sample that shows the bad behavior?

Hm. I’m trying to make one and it looks fine tens of millions of units out…


I can send the file but do not want to post it here… Whom can i send it to?

@thomasn, you can upload it to rhino3d.com/upload and mention steve in the comments, perhaps even copy the link to this discussion ( Display Problem when working with blocks ) in the comment section. The file will find its way to Steve.