Display Pipeline with Python/Common

Hi Experts,

Is it possible that a dynamically drawn curve (in GetPoint) will be invisible where it is behind an existing object? The standard in feedback mode is a DrawOverlay and therefore the curve always appears in front of existing geometry which can be distracting in some situations. I know about Pre- and PostDrawnObjects, but I cannot figure out how to solve the problem.


P.S. The screenshot was made with CustomGetPoint.py from Python Samples which would be a good basis for additional code.

The dynamic drawing routines only draw directly to the so called “front buffer” and are executed inside Rhino’s overlay channel. The overlay channel executes any time there are dynamic draw routines active, regardless of whether or not the frame buffer is updated (i.e. there was no middle ground processing whatsoever). So, no, you can not depth buffer dynamically drawn objects.

OK, thanks Dale!