Display Pipeline problem

I’m experiencing a small problem with a python script to save named views.

When the NamedView panel is visible and thumbnail view is active, I get the following error every time the input changes:

An error occured in the display pipeline @ 22:59:30(148ms)
Message: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
Type: NullReferenceException

There’s no error when I change the NamedView panel to list, however when switching back to Thumbnail, I get the above error for all saved NamedViews.

Moving geometry in the Viewport also creates the same error, one for every saved NamedView

No error in Rhino 5 with the same script

Thanks for the help

19_10_08_display_pipeline.gh (10.5 KB)

FWIW in a quick check the AddNamedView() which triggers the message in GH seems to be OK when run from Rhino, so it appears to be a GH thing.