Display painfully slow


…intermittently, naturally.

I remember someone posted exactly what I am seeing, back in the NG days… can’t remember who…
Fullscreen (or maximised) shaded perspective display is intermittently VERY slow. Sometimes activating (clicking in) any other viewport and then returning to Perspective viewport fixes it, sometimes not. Its like the bad old days with Windows 95 and no graphics card.
Anyone have ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Cairn- what video card? Drivers up to date? If your card is a quadro this is at least worth a try:

“Quadros behave better if the nVidia control panel > Global setting page is set to use 'Workstation App- Dynamic Streaming”



Thanks Pascal- updated drivers seems to have fixed it.

(Nvidia Quadro 2000D set to Workstation App- Dynamic Streaming)