Display order, selection hightlight, Dots

Decided this should be discussed in a fresh topic!

I’m having a hard time with the display order / solid highlight color of direct selected mesh faces (or SubD). I would much prefer transparent highlight color. The way it is now, the highlight goes infront of all other geometry and the current CPlane. If the CPlane is small, it can be difficult to see the origin if not impossible.

I think it looks terrible especially in shaded display mode. Why doesn’t the highlight go behind geometry which is infront of it?

In addition to the selection highlight issue, I find it weird that the grid and its axis are clipped with a 2D outline. Below is a screenshot from Sketchup as a comparison. Note the axis are clipped where they actually enter the geometry.

Finally Dots are always in front of everything in Rhino but the background surface of Grasshopper Dots stays behind. This has been discussed before. I still believe it would make more sense to have the Dots where they are in 3D space… If they are behind geometry, they are invisible.