Display order in V6

I’m not going to pretend to understand how the display works behind the scenes, but here is an observation:
If I have two coincident polysurfaces, the display seems to alternate which is displayed “on top”, and is even affected by the selection of other objects. Here is a short video illustrating that:

Here is another video showing how simply selecting the objects can alter which displays “on top”:

In V5 I could control what was displayed on top with a small script that copied the “top” object in place and deleted the original.

Notice in V5 how the selection of other objects doesn’t affect the coincident polysurfaces.



Hi Dan - my guess of the moment is that V5 draws the latest created object last (why your script works) and maybe V6 does not… @stevebaer - any ideas?


That’s what I was thinking. Even if that’s the case, I’m thinking the random toggling between displayed versions probably wasn’t intended.

There is probably a bug in our object display sorting routines. I logged a issue for this at
but marked it as 6.x as I don’t think this should hold up shipping of 6.0