Display Option Tangent Edge - where to find Rhino for mac

In Rhino 6 on Windows, there is a Display Property
Surface Edges (x)
Tangent Edges (x)
Tangent Seams (x)
what is the Mac equivalent ? where to find it ? does it exist ?

could not find it in Rhino for Mac 6 also not in Rhino for Mac 7 Beta …

sorry to be frustrated - but the differences between Mac and Windows interface is sometime a bit annoying… especial teaching remote in a class where both systems exist…
kind regards -tom

Look in Preferences -> Display Modes


thanks for your fast replay @kev.r
aaaaah they are in the general Section… bäääaah.

… which is the same on Windows…

dear @wim Wim - yes in the preference → displaymodes they are there, at the same place.


in the Properties-Window

they are not

kind regards -tom