Display only nearby polygons for faster display performance / display software?

For a current infrastructure project that spans several miles, we’d like to present to the stakeholders by live flythrough so we can examine relevant portions of the project on the fly as questions are asked, etc. Our current model is of a size that this is becoming nearly impossible, even after implementing all best practices for file size reduction and adjusting render/mesh properties for speedier visual performance. I’m aware that some video games will only display nearby relevant polygons. Is there any software out there into which we might import our rhino model to have this feature so as to speed up on-the-fly performance when showing the model (not working int it)?

All of the big poly modeler’s do that to some extent. Your problem would be file transfer - are you transferring materials, textures, etc? How much would the scene need to be re-worked in the other application.

You might want to look at modo (quite inexpensive), Cinema (quite expensive) or 3DS Max or Maya (monthly subscriptions are reasonable). Of course there is no one button application, you’d have to get up to speed in any of these programs to achieve what you want.

Maybe farm the animation out?