Display of icons in toolbar tabs depends on the docking

I’m working on a custom toolbar in Rhino and have come across some odd behavior. My intention is to show an icon on the tab of a toolbar using the settings below.

When the toolbar is floating I’m getting the desired result, however the display of the icons (and text) on tabs depends on how the toolbar is docked.

Is this intentional? @curtisw Perhaps you could enlighten me?

I don’t see a difference in how they are displayed, the text is displayed right to the icon, and uses the space it has available. What is the expected behavior?

Hi @Gijs,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for not being more clear in my previous post.

When the toolbar is floating the (BIG) icon is displayed next to the tab name. This is the expected behavior as both image and text should be displayed. As below:

When the toolbar is docked on the top the icon is not displayed:

When the toolbar is docked on the side the text is not displayed:

thanks for the clarification. Things like these won’t be addressed anymore for V7 SR’s. In V8 you can set the way this displays for docked, floating and top/bottom independently.

Ok. Thanks!

One more thing to look forward to :smiley:

And the tabs settings are independent from the icons of the toolbar in V8