Display of door leaf

Hi everyone,

is there a way a door leaf can be hidden in print output?


I would like to use a stylized door like this:


I achieved this by using a block for the plan view. But this is not a satisfying solution because it makes working with several sizes a real pain.

I don´t understand, why the line print width setting for the leaf doesn´t affect the print output:


So is there a better way instead of using blocks for 2d representation?

Hello @david.adam,

You can create a Grasshopper Style, so that you can choose the 2D representation your prefer and it will still be parametric.

0.00 mm line width is a very thin thickness but it will not make the line disappear as there is still a thickness applied.

Ok, I should try to use grasshopper styles. However, wouldn´t it be possible to have a line width “no print” as it is available in Rhino?

Hello @david.adam,

It could be a possibility but I think this would not solve the problem, as you currently cannot choose different attributes for the leaf and the leaf path (which maybe should be possible). We will think about this.

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