Display multiple units

Is there away to display multiple units along the bottom of the rhino window? When I draw a line, the length is displayed along the bottom of the screen. I use this method to measure things in my model. Is there a way to have it display the length in multiple units. Lets say my model is in mm, could I get it to display the length in both mm and inches so I don’t have to manually convert it? For my purposes, it helps to know both sizes in mm and inches.

You mught try the Distance or Length commands, both can be set to output the units of your choice via command line options (with Length, do not pre-select the curve to see the options).


I’ve been using @Helvetosaur’s solution for a while now. It works, but is not as convenient as drawing a line to see its length in the bottom bar (obviously I press escape after noting the length as not to construct the line). However, I’ve run into a new situation. I am working in an architectural model where I prefer seeing dimensions for small things in inches, but once lengths get farther than 144", I’d rather see it as feet-inch. I know there is a feet-inch display option, but I don’t like it for smaller distances. Is there anyway to display multiple units on the bottom bar? This would improve distance perception on all translation commands.

Hi Lawrence - I guess one way out would be to have the cursor tool tips and status bar read out pay attention to the distance units set in Distance etc, which they do not, as far as I can see, currently. That might well make sense in general and it would make it possible to set up useful macros

! _-Distance Units Feet_Inches



Could this be a feature for Rhino6? I don’t want to have to change the Distance unit each time. Plus, what if I want to see inches, feet-inches and mm? Is there a way to customize the bottom bar?

Hi Lawrence - my guess is, for V6, having the status bar and cursor tool tips pay attention to the commands’ units setting is what could (note could and guess, not will) be implemented. Keep in mind that it would allow macros, so you could set up aliases for say, MeasureSmall, MeasureBig that sets the units.
There is no way to customize the status bar, no.


I guess this is not so much a command unit setting thing. I just simply want to see multiple units in the bottom bar. 1/3 of my bar is empty right now. Currently when I draw a line or move, the distance is displayed in my primary unit. Couldn’t there be a slot next to it that displays a secondary and tertiary unit. Or maybe it could all be in the same box, but the units displayed is edited in the options menu (so no customization would be necessary)?