Display modes

Does anyone sit on a script that changes the display modes using python?
What I would like to achive is as the picture shows.
The reason is to easily see where an open polysurface has it’s gaps.

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Hi @socken,

what should the script do ?

a - change a display mode to use the settings shown above
b - change the views display mode to the one you have

I guess for b, you can just create a copy of the Shaded display mode and restore it whenever you need it.


I would like to be able to switch between these two alternatives using a button instead of going into menu and change it.
We often get open polysurfaces that needs to use “join 2 naked edges”. When putting a colur to the edges that are open it’s easier to se where to join.

Did that sort out the question?
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lets say you have one display mode named “MyNakedEdgeDisplay” and one named “Shaded” (which exists). Create a new button using this for the left button command:

'_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_Active _Mode=_MyNakedEdgeDisplay

and to switch back to Shaded display mode put this in the right button command:

'_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_Active _Mode=_Shaded

I would not suggest to use this command at all since it is the best way to create bad objects. Better is to fix the surfaces.



In case RhinoScript will work for you, here is one that would toggle the settings you need. Save the attached and drag-and-drop into Rhino. The “ToggleNakedEdgeDisplay” should become available and toggle the NakedEdge Display and Color for any current display mode. Please note that you may need to set the custom desired style and color manually, all this script does is enables custom display and custom color.



ToggleNakedEdgeDisplay.rvb (2.0 KB)

@Jarek , @clement

Thanks for the help.

In my focus of using scripting I forgot the simple solution that clement described.

Thanks both of you.

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