Display Modes in context menu?

My display modes aren’t available via right click.

(Wireframe, Shaded, Customs etc)

Is there a plan to put those there?

(Or can I now control what goes in that menu?)

Hi Jeff -

The problem with how that used to work is that those viewport options were always at the bottom of the context menu. This is now changed to behave as it has always been on Windows, where this context menu is split. You need to RMB click on a viewport title to get to the context menu where you can set the display mode.

Hey Wim,

I see… I guess I thought the modes were in the menu upon context clicking in empty viewport space but now I see the menu is just always the same thing regardless of what/where is being clicked.

I can get used to this new (to me) method


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I don’t see this as an issue, it is quite convenient and it is unfortunate that this has changed. Is there any possibility that this will return to the context menu? It is much quicker to right click and change the display mode. I recently upgraded and have found myself going back to 7 due to some of the UI changes that have made the experience worse in my opinion.

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just found this thread - I have started using real RH8 release and this is my biggest issue!! Please bring this back! This was one of the best features on RH mac, and its omission on Win RH was one of the biggest drawbacks. Please put this back in