Display Modes Dropping Detail

Hi All,

Seems like I have some issues with the Patent Drawing and Pen display styles. Every now and then my view ports with do some weird things, sometimes the display style will randomly drop detail in the model, in essence its stuff like lines, or shape and so on, and just creates just a white void. This I know happens when the display style is used to show “blocks” but this is made geometry and not imported stuff.

It also seems to be a random thing too. Some of the same models will come through just fine and then in another view port the same model is fine.

Any ideas?


Hi Dan - can you please send us an example, with the view set to the mode that is causing trouble, and please also Export the mode (Options > View > Display modes) and attach the resulting ini file so we can test exactly what you are using? If you cannot post the file publicly, please send to tech@mcneel.com
Please also include a screen capture that shows what to look for.


I can not share the file publicly nor can I send it out. The problem is sporadic and intermittent.
Please see the images below of some of the images made when printing to PDF.

Here is the .ini file also.

Patent Drawing.ini (10.4 KB)

Hi Dan - these shots are from the modeling viewports, correct, not Layout? Does the image match what you see in the view? I assume so, but since it is going through the Print process, I want to be sure.

Also, @DanSummers can you please try the WIP (linked from the top of this page) and see if it is any different?


These are taken from the detail viewports on the layouts. No, when I look at them on the screen on the layout everything looks fine, but when I print to pdf or to image then detail is dropped. I am using the Adobe PDF printer with Acrobat.

I can not try the WIP as my company does not allow installation of unapproved software or trials.

Any suggestions would be great.