Display modes configuration

Dear all I haven’t found any documentation on this.

As fare as I understood the *.ini file is the configuration file of a display mode. It seams that there are two basic displaymodes: 1. which is based on the technical and the second one which is based on the render displaymode.

Some features are the same others not e.g. the silhouette possibility is only available in some. Why is that?
I went through the ini file line by line and set all settings in accordance to the technical shader I exported. but couldn’t activate the silhouette possibility.

Bottom line:

What I am really after is to get silhouette enabled in the neon-shader plugin + a documentation on the ini configuration file would be really handy.


Well I figured it out (kind of) the pipline ID option changes the behaviour as wanted. Still question remains…

Hi Richard - the ini file itself is just a record of the settings in Options > View > DisplayModes > DisplayModeName. It does not do anything more or less than what can be set in Options, it’s really a way to save and restore or share the settings. As you’ve discovered, there is a limit as to how much can be mixed from one type (pipeline) to another. I’ll take your note as a request for silhouette curves in Raytraced mode - does that sound about right?

Yes that would be create however I think that it would be way cooler to have a mixer mode where you could combine different renderings with different overlay functions like multiply …

I have done that via grasshopper for now, and it gives a lot of graphic possibilities.