Display modes causing crashes

If I have any sort of complex model on screen the Pen, Artistic, and Technical display modes all cause the Rhino to lock and not respond. If I hit escape it will free up though.

Hello - is there any feedback at the command line about what Rhino is doing? (creating meshes, or ‘computing technical drawing data’) What video card do you have?


It says ‘computing technical drawing data’.

I have a GeForce GTX 680

In that case, you’ll just have to wait until it’s done.
Those display modes need their own display mesh and for complex models that might take some time. How big is the file (both in terms of GB on disk and render mesh triangles)?

I left it to finish the process while I went to work today as an experiment. It failed, with this in the command line: Technical drawing information failed or was canceled. Switching all technical views to wireframe display."

When I first bought Rhino about 4 years ago these display modes worked perfectly fine. I have not changed any hardware… I don’t feel like this is just a matter of “your computer is old and slow” and as I saw today when I got home even 8 hours of time is not enough for it to complete. I think there is a bug or something going on.

Hello - does this happen in a new file with just a box or something? If not, please post a file that shows the problem or send to tech@mcneel.com via rhino3d.com/upload.



A new file with just a simple cube will show in all three display modes, but once I make anything “complex” or load up an old file it locks up.

I guess I’d try a few things -

  • make sure the modes are at default settings - you can set that in Options > View >Display modes “Display mode name”
  • make sure the drivers on your card are up to date.

If that is all good and you still see the problem, please send us a file.