Display mode without Gumball visible?

Hi All
When pushing points around in order to get a hightlight juuuust right, I have a display mode where the control points aren’t showing, so that they don’t get in the way of the visuals - I use a floating viewport on my second monitor for visual inspection and use the gumball to move the points on the primary monitor and the standard 4 viewports. Is there a way to avoid having the gumball NOT show up in a custom display mode, but still visible in others - like we can turn off the control polygon and the points? If not, can we have a check box, please? :slight_smile:
TIA, Jakob

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i wonder why you would need that, are you doing a tutorial on how to push and pull CP´s and you want that people start asking how you made it? :smiley:

As a workaround I’m always using RecordHistory like this:

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Hi @Mahdiyar
Thanks :slight_smile: Neat workaround - didn’t think of that! But still (@pascal?)… It would be nice to be able to just turn the gumball’s visibility off in display mode settings.
Thanks again!

Gumball is either on or off.
I’d be inclined to make a hot key to toggle it off, then use the Nudge tool to make fine adjustments.

Hi @John_Brock
I already have a hotkey for the toggle, but a display mode toggle would make it much easier, and since we have the possibility to hide/show almost everythign else (control points, control polygons, grids, geometry types etc.) on a display mode basis, I thought it might be worth implementing. Especially now that Sub-D is part of the game, it would make it easier to fiddle about with tiny adjustments for optimal reflections/layout.
Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Hi Jakob - I put it on the pile as RH-59045.

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I like the idea, too. One suggestion; maybe it can be considered as a per-viewport visibility switch… so we would not have to create lots of new display modes if for example we manipulate in Rendered view in one viewport with Gumball, and another viewport is also is in Rendered mode but would have the gumball visibility OFF. I think it would be cleaner solution to this problem, and could be setup easily as a toggle command…


This makes more sense to me off hand - separating GB visibility from display modes.


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