Display mode with everything one colour shaded, but Curtain Wall Glass Transparent or hidden

A display mode which overrides all surface materials, displaying them the same colour, does that for the glass as well, making it opaque.

SetObjDisplayMode for the Curtain Wall is viewport specific (which takes a lot of time to set up with many viewports). But moreover, Rhino (currently - I think it used to) doesn’t remember that setting from session to session so each object in each viewport has to be reset for every session.

Assigning the visibility of a curtain wall style’s “cell” component to a specific hidden layer causes only its lines to disappear, not its surfaces, in the above display mode. It remains opaque.

Check “retain transparency” in the custom material override. it should keep your curtain wall as see through…




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I never noticed that…


It’s been added in V6. Very useful!

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The Arctic mode does this by default using that retain transparency option Jarek mentioned. You may find that useful as well.

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I can’t use Rhino 6.
Dimensions less than 6’ have no dimension lines.

Is this a known bug? Make sure Rhino devs are aware of it and fixing it, if this is the only thing that stops you from V6 upgrade. There is no good solution for your display question in earlier Rhino versions.


They know. Apparently someone asked for no lines between hash marks for “small” dimensions. For some reason they don’t plan to fix this until version 7.

In the meantime, I’ve created a version of Arctic display mode. It’s set to display all surfaces edges as black lines, but that doesn’t work on blocks. The blocks’ edges continue to use the colour of the object instead.

How are you using Arctic in pre-V6? I don’t think it is available in the earlier versions…
As for blocks, assigning display modes to block instances does not do anything- it needs to be assigned to the objects inside the blocks to work properly.
If you have 100s of blocks, a script may be needed as there is no easy way to do it otherwise.


You’re right, it’s 6.11. The most recent version before the dimension lines were deleted.

That’s not possible in this case, it’s an externally-linked block.

Try this script - it will let you set in-blocks object display modes, including linked blocks and all nested blocks; works with multiple block selections : SetInBlockObjectsDisplayMode.rvb (3.1 KB)

does that help?

as for the post 6.11 change - if a “fix” for some users messes up other users, it is not a good fix, perhaps it should be still solved in V6 if this is preventing you form SR upgrades; there are some major fixes you will be missing…


Thanks Jarek It’s been well-discussed. McNeel decided to provide customization of when the dimension line disappears for version 7, and won’t be updating the issue until then.

The script is much appreciated. I’ll try it out as soon as I learn what to do with scripts.

easiest way to try: save anywhere, and drag and drop into any Rhino vport to run it.
If you find it helpful it can be placed on button or under alias; i can help you with that if needed.

Thanks. Very kind! I had to explode the thing so the urgent need is past, but I will return to this.