Display Mode Visibility Options

The Options under General>Visibility vary among display modes.

What controls the options that appear there?

For example, some of the display modes have “Show Silhouettes” option while others do not.

Hello- modes that are based on ‘technical’, like Technical, Pen, and Artistic have settings that differ from the other, OpenGL based modes.


So there are OpenGl and non-OpenGL display modes then?

Hi All.
Just as a continuation of this topic.
Am I correct, there is no possibility to manipulate Visibility options of Display modes via Command line?
And it’s impossible to create alias to change for example Edge visibility?

Since i didn’t found any other topic and this is still unanswered i would like to bring it up again:

So i often use _emap or _zebra to check my surfaces but have to deactivate curves in order to get a clean visible result. Is there any posibility to achive this in one keystroke instead of switching to DisplayMode and toggle the Curves checkbox?

Windows here, but should be the same for Mac i guess.

Nevermind, i got a nice workaround:
Just duplicate the DisplayMode, choose the wanted options and toggle it via
!_SetDisplayMode Shaded_Curveless.