Display mode switching to "Rendered" automatically

There is an anoying bug (or maybe is by design …) where every time that a change is made in a vray material while editig it, the viewport display mode switches to “rendered” by itself. Very annoying specially when I didn’t ask for.
I don’t use the rendered mode because I simply don’t like it. I have my own custom display mode.
Is there anything that I need to do to avoid the automatic switching while working on the vray material editor ?


When textures are modified on materials, we change the viewports from wireframe to rendered to force the Rhino Material textures to update correctly. This is to keep everything sync, the behavior was improved in the latest service release. I would make sure you are using that version.

Matthew Newberg
V-Ray For Rhino Developer

Well, I have SR12 and this is happenning. There should be another way to update the textures without switching display modes …
I use “_Refreshalltextures” when I want to refresh the textures but it doesn’t seem to update vray textures, only Rhino textures.
Any thoughts ?

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As I understand it, it’s a service release of V-Ray that has improved behavior.

Say you are correct. SR2

I have this release since June and it has not fixed the issue. Sorry …
Let’s hope that version 3 fixes it.

In the latest V-Ray for Rhino service release it should only happen when modifying textures. Please update and confirm the behavior, your describe behavior might be another bug.

You can also disable the syncing of materials using the command “visRhinoMaterialSync”.Then it won’t ever update rhino materials to match V-Ray materials.

Like I said earlier, I have afaik the latest version/SR of Vray and Rhino. According to Chaosgroup download page 2.00.25962 of June 30, 2015.

Oddly enough, googling for visRhinoMaterialSync (since I couldn’t find it in the documentation) I came accross one sigle search result pointing to a graphics forum from Taiwan.
Here is the translated link:


They seem to be still struggling with a similar, if not the same issue. It’s hard to say because it’s only a google translation. BTW they talk about SR3 but there’s no such release, I’m sure they mean SR2 …
I’m not exactly sure what the command does though. Is it meant to deal only with the textures used in a vray material to match the corresponding placeholder Rhino material or also emulates the other vray material properties like color, glossiness etc, of course as an approximation … ?

This problem alway live in vfr2. I changed render mode only had texture, reduced all shadow, light to solved it.

The latest V-Ray for Rhino service release is actually the third one. The problem is that Chaos does not label them with SR numbers, just dates. SR #3 = build number 2.00.25962 = dated 30 June 2015. You have the latest one.

I wrote a blog post with some details.

Thanks Dave, any idea when version three will be available ?