Display mode solid fill errors


This is related to topic 8939, with another example:

I have a solid, closed object. In a top ortho detail viewport, with a clipping plane on, I cannot figure out how to make the display mode correctly show the object. If this was an open object, I could understand the results, but not with a solid, closed object.

Caveat: I am using an OpenGL display mode, as I want to control the object lineweights through the layers. As far as I know, you cannot do this with a Technical display mode.


  1. Wireframe: This is properly showing all the isolines and the clipping plane lines in red. However, not what I want for final drawings.

  2. Shaded mode: This also properly blocks out the interior guts of the object. However, this is not shown in the Print Display mode (showing the lineweights) or it would display the same error as attempt #5.

  3. Custom OpenGL mode #3: Using Print Display to show the lineweights - great. Mode includes shading the objects all in white. You see an error on the right side, where you are actually looking through the inside of the object.

  4. Custom #4: Shading objects is off. Now you see through all the object’s interior guts, seeing two vertical lines that I don’t want.

  5. Custom #5: Shading objects is ON, and Clipping Plane Fills is ON. Now the object does actually display properly as a cut-through solid object. You do not see the lower notch anywhere. PROBLEM THOUGH: the white fills are on TOP of the lineweights, causing the object to not look like one object. It looks like a defective object, or perhaps two objects, one large rectangle with a smaller rectangle inside of it. This is going to cause problems for contractors/ fabricators who only have drawings to look at, and not have the model.

How can #5 be fixed, so that the fills of a clipped, solid object properly show underneath the object lineweights?

Files and display modes attached for reference.

Thank you,

display mode fill errors.zip (22.9 KB)

Matt, how does it looks if you set clipping planes to ‘Show edges’ in the display mode?


Hi Pascal,

Interesting… it did not solve the problem but showed a bug.

Modes 3 and 4 properly showed the edges in red. I even set Mode 3 to fill in the clipping plane. This makes it similar to what Mode 5 should be, but Mode 3 still displays the white fill as blocking the lineweight thickness which I would like reversed.

Mode 5, for whatever reason, did not show the red edges. Do not understand why. I tried turning off the fills, tried turning up the edge pixel thickness. Nothing.


So is there no way to get a clipped object’s fill to properly display behind the lineweights, for test #5?

Hi Matt- so far here, no. Still poking at this…