Display Mode properties are a MESS post SubD integration

Something is up with the display mode properties since the addition of SubD. Switching between pipelines changes which options are available for curves, surfaces, lines, subD etc.

We use Rhino for creating factory drawings and this is causing huge issues with our drafting ability.

For example: the default “technical” display mode will not update line weights to what is set for “print” line weights. Create a new display mode, set it to Technical2D and it will not print set line weights (pixel sizes in options prints 1px at over 2mm thick…). Change it to OpenGL, line weights print correctly but it will not show the edges of curved shapes, not even if the polysurface has been converted to SubD.

I have tried every option in every display mode setting and nothing works. Is this on any list to be resolved?


Hi Jeanne -

That has always been the case and is not something that was changed when SubD objects were added to Rhino. That said, between versions, the code to draw objects typically changes quite a bit and things possibly won’t look completely the same over time.

Being able to control the printed line weight from technical display modes is on the list, yes. I’ve added this thread to RH-71363.

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