Display mode events


I’ve been searching through Rhinocommon for the events that are triggered with a display mode change (for example the event that is triggered when a user changes a viewport from wire frame to shaded render).

Displaypipeline seemed like a good place to begin but I haven’t been lucky finding the correct event.

DisplayModeDescription.GetDisplayModes also seemed useful however it seems to just list all of the available display modes rather than the one currently selected by the user.

Note: I am a c# programmer working in grasshopper but am turning here because it seemed like an appropriate forum for enquiries about rhino events.

I don’t believe there is such an event. Why do you need it?


Thanks for the confirmation.

I am currently producing an application for the grasshopper environment that would benefit from knowing when the user changes display modes - so that the output can better coordinate with the user’s view. For example, to enable the grasshopper render to mimic a wire frame view, as opposed to a shaded view, when the settings are changed.


I hope you can help me with another question - what is the method used to control or set the render mode of rhino viewport?

For example, to change the viewport shading to ‘wireframe’ or ‘ghosted’ etc.

Thanks in advance.

Here is an example that changes the current display to Shaded display.


Does this help?


Thanks. I will give this a shot!

Here is a fancier example:


– D