Display mode Arctic


I’m have a display mode arctic with outline. Now are my curves and hatches on top of my model. In other display modes they are behind my model. How can I get this fixed for my display mode arctic outline? I tried to find it in the display mode settings but can’t find the right button.

Hi Tom - please post a simple file that shows the problem, as well as the reaults from the Rhino command SystemInfo.


Hello Pascal,

when I create a new drawing the problem isn’t showing up in the display mode. So I think something happend in this drawing with the curves and hatches that’s causing this behaviour. I also can’t bring them to the back with “drawing order”. If I create new curves and hatches the problem is gone.

Hi Tom - you can try ClearDrawOrder though I’d expect draw order not to be different in different display modes.


ClearDrawOrder didn’t solve the problem. I fixed it by drawing new curves and making new hatches. I really don’t know what happend to get this behaviour of curves and hatches.

Hi Tom - please post or send the model to tech@mcneel.com, with a link back here in your comments.


ClearDrawOrder on the misbehaving hatches sorts it out here.