Display Issues Windows 10 MBP Retina

Hi. Just plopped Windows 10 onto my 2013 Macbook Pro Retina. Outside of the WHOLE DAY that I lost from my life working out the bugs to get that done, it’s running pretty well now. Rhino is also running just fine when I start a file from scratch. But when I open a file, all hell breaks loose. I have a couple of screen shots to show text size/display resolution wonkiness.

So the sequence goes:

Open Rhino, all fine.
File> Open, and boink the window shrinks down, but in an even way.
Open the dwg, and all hell breaks loose.
File open and icons/text/tabs/command line not usable.

In Windows I have messed with resolution to try to get something workable. Currently set to the high resolution 2880 x 1800 recommended settings with 200% zooming.

And finally, in the WIP everything is fine.

Yes, I know, I could just use the WIP and be done with it. But, I am an educator and need to be able to have students use the release version 5 demo for a few weeks at a time.


Hi Carter - try closing all Rhinos and open a fresh instance. Before doing anything, run this command: testToggleFileDialog

If Rhino behaves after this, then put that command in your start up commands in Options > General.

Any luck?


Seem to have done the trick. Thanks a million.