Display is acting up textures fighting and clipping showing in any mode

Display is acting up in latest release, textures are not showing properly. If I have a textured wall and another textured object in front of the wall the textures fight and don’t display properly.
Clipping bubble keeps turning on making larger scenes harder to view. Notice in the screen shot in my last post about dims the dim arrow is clipped.

Hi Roland,
I’m not sure how many issues you are reporting in this one post…

Can you post a file that shows the problem with textures not showing properly?
Also, did this work fine before the 2018-07-18 version of 6.7?

Note that “Bubble” is a 3rd party plug-in for Rhino but I have no idea if that is what you are referring to.

Hi Wim,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner a new sr arrived meanwhile so I have to recheck that file that I had these problems. Working on another job now so I’ll check when I have a chance.
The clipping bubble thing isn’t occurring but I have to check more.
Thanks for your help and welcome to McNeel!

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