Display Hatch Boundary

Is there a method to continuously display the boundary of a hatch in a specific colour?

Hi Dirk -

That’s not possible, no. You’ll have to keep the boundary curve as a separate object.

Thanks Wim. If I was to write my own plugin to create hatches + boundaries would this be a difficult process to undertake (i.e. info on writing subs to apply hatches and boundaries to pipeline).

For our architectural practice documenting in Rhino, having both linework and solid hatches to show the same thing just increases the complexity of the file.

I don’t think you even need to go that far… draw all your boundary curves on a layer and apply a color to that layer. Apply your hatches (they will be the wrong color as they will be on the same layer of your boundary curve.) Simply run the selhatch command and move them to a different layer with a different color.

I’ve always wondered about supporting this, but haven’t figured out a good way without making things too complicated. Would you ever want the boundary curve to be drawn in a different color?

Kyle - I’m trying to reduce the complexity in drawing rather than have two sets of geometry to represent one thing - means more chance of error. Now that hatches can be trimmed, workflow could be improved as your method then requires the boundary curve to be closed again if we were to maintain a hatch and outline.

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. Yes, a separate colour is essential as it clearly demonstrates when hatched solids overlap, indicating where the model needs to be aligned. We use Rhino for full architectural documentation so this would simplify our workflow resulting in one less set of geometry to have to process.

Added to the wishlist at https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-60838