Display geometry issues

We have a Shapediver definition we have implemented in a website with your API and paid for this work with a developer for the implementation.
All worked properly when the project was signed over and extensively tested, however, we have a few issues with geometry not being displayed at certain settings. It’s random in terms of how much geometry is displayed.
We know the geometry is being computed, but just not displayed as when you use the download button which downloads a pdf, all the geometry is shown on the pdf and is developed from the model which is not displaying properly.
Please note the download button has issues and is intermittently working and is the subject of another ticket.
The configurator is here https://www.biminis4boats.co.uk/design-your-bimini/
Screen shots below of the SD display and the pdf which shows geometry is being calculated, just not displayed.

It is possible that the model was uploaded during one of the big updates we did to our infrastructure in the past few weeks. Could you try to upload again the exact same model and let me know if you experience the same issue of missing geometry?

I re uploaded the model this morning and the issue remains.

Bumping this ticket as still waiting for a reply

I have gone to your website and tried many different parameter configurations but I was not able to reproduce missing geometry yet. I tried with the parameters from your screenshot above and I can see all the geometry. Could you give me a parameter set for which the issue happens?

Additionally, I noticed that your website is using version 2.14.0 of the javascript viewer, along with version 2.2.0 of the css file, this is likely to cause problems. Could you update both of these files to the latest version (2.33.0)?

Thank you for the reply.
It’s weird, all works perfectly now, but before Xmas the viewer had become very buggy with issues at most settings, this wasn’t the case when first implemented.
But all seems good now.
Can I ask if the java viewer and CSS would be something that the developer who implemented the app in our website would take care off, or if I need to speak to the website developer who wrote the website, but had nothing to do with implementing the API?

I am not sure which of these developers would be responsible for this update, but it is safe to ask first the person who was in charge of implementing the API.
Good to know that the problem seems to be solved currently, let me know if you experience more issues in the future.