Display floor plan in viewer

What would be the most efficient way to load and display an (external, static) 2D floor plan in the ShapeDiver viewer?

Loading times gets long, and moving around gets slow, with larger and detailed floor plans. I’m not sure if this is unavoidable, or that there are efficient ways of doing this that I don’t know of.

It depends on how much detail there is on the floor plan and if it’s really heavy laggy response is unavoidable but you can try following:

  • You could import it as one or multiple images but remember the maximum size is 4MB, for faster loading aim for 1MB.
  • The most common is of curse DXF import but I would purge the plan in advance and delete all unnecessary lines, hidden blocks, hatches, dimensions and so on. Also, it might be worth simplifying complex polylines if there are any.
  • If the plan consists only from solid colour areas, you could convert it to meshes and load externally but this is more experimental aporoach and you need to test and see if it works for you.

Thank you Pavol;

There is no way of doing this for line drawings, correct? And would there be a benefit, or is only geometry that actually changed pushed to the viewer?


How are curves defined in the viewe? Is there any optimization that can be done in advance, like with meshen breps?

No, you can’t reference drawings as Xrefs in CAD applications but please submit a feature request below if you think we should consider it.

Curves are represented as polylines so you can convert and optimise them in Grasshopper with curve editing commands. Obviously, the less control points a polyline has the faster it loads so you need to strike a balance between performance and esthetic.


Ok, 100%? So also no arcs?

If you can confirm it would make things more efficient, I will, thanks!

All curves and arcs are displayed as polylines.

External geometry is loaded only at the beginning of the session and doesn’t reload when parameter changes hence it’s a good choice to enhance the scene of your definition without compromising the performance.

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