Display Error in Shaded Mode, when accessing Rhino 6 Via Remote Desktop


when working from home, i often connect to my powerful workstation in the office via VPN and Remote Desktop.
(Since VPN speed is slow and Rhino files are large, using just VPN with my local Rhino, is not feasable)

I have been doing this for quite some time, with Rhino 5 without any issues.

After the switch to Rhino 6, the shaded mode has a strange display error. Colors are greyscaled and contours not visible.

In ghosted mode, the display is ok. Is this a bug in Rhino 6?


I would say it is rather a bug with RDP, with VNC it works just fine. Rhino 6 needs more of OpenGL. If you want it to work fine over RDP you should start Rhino on your workstation before you leave office. The RDP display driver is crap (the reason I use VNC).

Here is a SCreenshot I took of a Remote Desktop Session of the same model opened once in Rhino 5 and in Rhino 6

Left Rhino 5 - Right Rhino 6

I did not check out VNC. However, I wonder if there could be done something by McNeel to fix this with the existing Open GL Driver. (Maybe tell MS about the issue… They are close by :wink: )


A fruitless venture. MS doesn’t move quickly, or even at all.

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