Display Enhancement Request

I have turned off the “current layer” column in the layers dialog, to save a bit of space on my laptop screen, relying on the fact that the current layer name is shown in bold, and is also displayed in the info bar at the bottom of the screen.

This is great, but I’d like the option to draw a bit more attention to it:

1] As well as being bold, I’d like the option to specify the current layer text colour - you can see in the screen shot its a bit lost, whereas a colour like yellow for example would really pop (as seen in the text dots)

2] In the bottom info bar, I’d like to see the current layer text (in the screen shot “2D_dims”) to be popped like the entry for “Osnap” and 'Filter".

This style of highlighting we see in “Osnap” would also be fine if used for the current layer in the layers dialog.