Display custom drawing when save as PDF

I have my PreviewConduit : public CRhinoDisplayConduit and in ExecConduit I have something like:
case CSupportChannels::SC_DRAWOVERLAY:
CRhinoTextDot* pAn;
dp.DrawObject( pAn );
// also draw a point
vp->DrawInferencePoint(position, RGB(255, 0, 0));
this works ok in the main Rhino viewport, which is fine.

The problem is that I want to ‘capture current view’ and export in PDF. When select File \ Save As… PDF, I don’t see the annotations and points in the rastered output.

How can I overcome this problem? What is the right way to ‘draw’ my objects in the rastered output too?

Just to add that if I use Capture \ Clipboard or Capture \ File it works ok.


Hi @kostadin,

Is it possible for you to provide a full-working sample that isn’t working for you?

– Dale

Hi Dale, I found a workaround for this and it works now. The only problem I see is with the annotations that on the screen I can control the size of the text, but when you export in PDF it is always 14 px height, but this is not so important for me at the moment. Thank you for your time.