Display creases?

I’ve seen other posts discussing crease display… But I can’t find the setting?

Technical display mode seems to show creases depending on their angle?

Is it possible to show creases so they appear like a surface edge?

you have it under the display tab on the right

That option only shows up in certain display modes.

I want to see it in wireframe.



but you can use SetObjectDisplayMode and set the desired object to technical and/or modify and save it (as an extra) display mode so that it fulfills your requirements.

I use record history and extract an isocurve, snapping to a point that falls on the crease. Works pretty good.

However seems a little hacky for a pretty common thing in boats anyway. Especially since Orca so strongly prefers you use a single surface for the hull… You want to be able to visualize where the chines are but they’re basically invisible since you are forced to model them as creases.