Display color in Rhino 8

Hey all,

I have inserted a title block from AutoCAD into Rhino 8 to create sheets. The title block has our company’s logo, which has been created with lines and hatches. When I select the hatches and lines in Rhino 8, the display color from the right side (properties) show the correct yellow color. However, in the view it shows black (which is the color of the layer). When I change the color of the layer, the hatches changes.

Can someone please help me to see why this happens? I have attached a screenshot


The yellow you see in the image above is the selected objects color.

Objects (unselected) can have either color-by-layer or an individual color-by-object color which is independent from the layer color.

If the object is a block instance, the color you see comes not from the layer the block instance is on, but from the original object(s) making up the block definition - again either the layer(s) they were originally on or from the individual object color(s) they originally had.

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