Display bug: block objects shadows ignore cast/receive setting


It seems like there is a problem with linked blocks that contain objects that are not supposed to cast/receive shadows (unchecked from their Properties panel).
Once a file with such objects is inserted as Linked Block into a new file, the objects randomly cast/receive shadows, depending on camera angle, selection state etc.
They only behave normally if the file they are inserted into is empty, as soon as other objects and shadows are there, the non-casters start to flicker and cast shadows where not supposed to.

Here is a test file - a few boxes with cast/receive shadows OFF.
cast-receive-linked_test.3dm (1.9 MB)
To reproduce, make a new file with some random boxes and in rendered mode make sure shadows from sun and/or Skylight are enabled. Then insert > link the above file and try rotating the view, selecting/deselecting, changing sun position etc. - the linked block shadows should randomly show or dissapear. Can anyone else reproduce this problem?



Hi Jarek - thanks, I’ll test.
@Jarek - here, I see that the casts/receives shadows settings in the linked block are ignored completely (a bug, presumably) so far - but they do not come and go.

I notice, though, that if I double-click on the inserted block to edit, as the message box appears to tell me that another instance of Rhino will be opened etc etc. , while that message box is on screen, the ‘no shadows’ settings are respected.

So it looks like the display sort of knows about it, it just does not always know that it knows. Or something.

Also, exploding the block loses that attribute on the properties…

RH-64860 Display: Casting receiving shadows is ignored in linked blocks


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Hi Pascal, thanks for testing.
Turns out over here this is the case not only with linked blocks, but all blocks - they ignore the shadow cast/receive setting and act randomly… can you see that as well?
I will post sample file / screen capture later but curious if that happens with you as well.


Hi @pascal,

Here is what I see with blocks that contain objects with disabled cast/receive shadows. Regardless if the blocks are linked or not (block is the one on the left):