Display almost works....WIP 31/10/17

So in the 31/10/17 WIP on this non-upgradable windows 7 toshiba laptop all the display modes almost work!

No display mode except raytrace will show pictureframe content.
Render will render basic colours, but not an environment.

raytraced displays everything correctly, but it is slooooow…

So since raytraced mode will actually display everything correctly, i take this to mean the computer is actually capable of displaying everything as it should, but some little glitch of code is preventing the picture command from working, and preventing environments from rendering?

Might it be possible to fix these last little problems - its so close to working…!?


If you feel Raytraced is slow, and you could live with a bit more grainy version of the viewport with Raytraced you could set RhinoCycles.DpiScale to 2.0 (Tools > Options | Rhino | Advanced). That makes the viewport render only a quarter of the pixels it normally would, so it should be a bit faster.

What kind of GPU is in your laptop? Help > System Information tells you what video card is being used.