Displacement mapping question

Dear fellow users.

Is it possible to add a displacement map only on a small section of a large surface. I only want to have the displacement in one location and repeated once. Currently I have had to split out a separate surface.

Regards jahn

Hey again

Further to that- can you add a decal to a diplacement textured surface


Hi Jahn,

You’ll need to make a custom image that has a large black area surrounding the details to be displaced. This will focus the effect in a small region of the surface since absolute black isn’t displaced. You can add an image texture for color to a material and then apply that to the surface as well. Both the color texture and the displacement will use the same texture mapping so it should match up automatically if the same image is used for both.

Thanks Brian

Doesnt really work with the render displacement ( loose smooth displacement) - even with all mesh values turned up to extreme and rendermesh custom quality freaking the graphics card and the same proportional resolution image- Bigger surface seems to hit mesh memory limit - _


Can you post the file and the image texture used? I’m thinking a combination of the method you started with (split surface) and the fade to black idea may work.

Hey Brian

I adjusted the advanced settings in the render displacement Advanced settings menu- increased Mesh memory to 256 and refined the sensitivity - after that the mesh had more detail and able to cope with the size- I then extracted the mesh render surface then turned all values back to default. That’s the great thing about Rhino “wheres there’s a will there’s a way!”
A little bit more work on the materials and I will be able to add a little more life to a simple render…

Cheers Jahn

Nice job! It’s looking good. If you do a lot of renders like this, I’d also suggest saving a custom Rhino template without the model in it using SaveAsTemplate. Then you can import any model and have the wake effect ready to go… maybe even have a few textures you can swap out in displacement for various size and shape hulls.

Hi community,
I have a follow-up question for you:
How do you do the surrounding? Are you building a horizont and then mapping a picture to it? The same with the ocean? Or does Rhino 6 provide templates for it?
Thanks in advance!
Hopefully no one is bothered that I use an old topic.

Old question, but maybe someone still needs the answer - a sky or HDRI is needed only. For example desert HDRI works quite well, the horizon line can be looking like a coast.