Dispatch with Z-location as parameter

Hello People,

I’ve been at this for two hours and give up:

The problem is simple. I split some breps with another brep (btw, is it possible to split with a plane?), and I want to dispatch according to Z-location. In other words, I want everything that’s above the surface I used as the cutter to be in List A and everything that’s below that surface to be in List B.


Terraza_V3 copy.3dm (6.6 MB)
Terraza_V3 copy.gh (14.1 KB)


Have a look at this.

Terraza_V3 copy.gh (19.0 KB)

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Once again you rescue me – quick and easy. Great to know those new commands, thank you.

where can i have the smart entwine & random display component its seems to be really smart tool


These are components that belong to a custom plugin I made. I don’t intend to release it widely, though a few components are scattered on the forum as they were used to answer some specific issues. Here is the latest version of this subset and a bit of documentation about the options.

magicteddy.gha (70.5 KB)
Documentation.gh (66.1 KB)


@magicteddy this tool is awesome works like magic trick…

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