Dispatch points from list

Hey everyone,

I have vertices from a facade offset and their closest points on the original facade. Now I am trying to select only the top row of these points. I pulled out the top z value of all points and dispatched the rest which doesn’t have this value. Now while this worked fine with the list from the “brep closest point”, it doesn’t do it with the vertices from “deconstruct brep” list.

The rest of the setup is entirely the same and I don’t get what I’m missing :confused:

dispatch.3dm (201.9 KB)
dispatch.gh (27.2 KB)

I added another image and rephrased it. Is it clear what I’m having trouble with?

you have the test swapped. You want to see if the number is included in the domain.

Thank you, it works! But shouldn’t it function the same way as the other one as well? And how come the 12.00 is displayed as the z value, but most of these z values only actually become dispatched correctly when using a domain ranging from 12 ±1?

Rounding possibly, it wouldn’t hurt to run it through an integer component.