Dispatch mangles list with lists of points?

I’m curious as to why this happens:

As you can see, the points selected by the dispatch node fails to display, but the ones never selected displays fine. Anyone know why?

Seems to be you have some misunderstanding of lists. Attach a file.

region-dispatching.gh (17.0 KB)

Those two “Point list” components are giving a warning message because some of the tree branch are empty (and thus the orange color).
Anyway, the preview of those components is turned off, you have to turn it on to let them show you something.

Thank you! It does seem that only the point list throws the warning, while for example, creating planes from the same set of points don’t show an error at all.

Is it not a list of lists, but rather a 2D-array, you mean?

I plan to apply a scaling per column, which is why I haven’t flattened all the points yet… I’m trying to figure that part out now…