Dismiss Unread not working

It worked previously in IE 11.
…also 5 second rule doesn’t clear Unread alert. Restarting Discourse is the only way I can clear it.

I agree, I have seen it not work spectacularly in IE11.

Not sure exactly what is up, but it seems to work in other browsers so it’s some crazy thing we’re doing that is browser specific somehow.

I think the first thing to figure out is whether IE11 missed the boat on web standards or whether they are stringently adhering to the absolutely latest standards, My son’s website went from working to not working with the release ofIE11 (and IE10)'s latest update. It still works OK on Safari.

Take a look at http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html

Scroll to the right a bit, then click the symbol for Pluto at the top and note the jumbled mess when it scrolls to the end. This mess does not appear in Safari and didn’t appear in IE10 until the July update.