Dismiss Posts?

I’m getting a persistent message across the top of the page(s) as follows:
"Warning: you have too many tracked new and unread topics, clear some using “Dismiss New” or “Dismiss Posts”"
But I can’t find the way to do this. I assume there is a button or switch somewhere?

Click on “unread” or “new”, the button is there.

I will update the copy to include a hyperlink to the relevant pages so it is clearer what to do…

Yes a link would be handy. I don’t see any “dismiss” button…

Try going to the home page and then clicking that

OK, I found a button for “dismiss topics” at the bottom of the “Unread” category. I dimissed all the topics on that list. But still the message persists.
You guys need to make it more obvious and clear if this is going to be an ongoing situation.

The direct links in the copy will be very helpful, we’ve updated the copy to reflect that and it will roll out with the next deploy for everyone.

In the meantime go here


and here


Done. So how can I avoid this happening in the future?

This is happening cause you have it set in your profile to treat every topic you have not read as new.

I think its actually our bug, we should not allow you to do that, always have some sort of sane cap.

OK. Is this happening to others as well? I[m not aware of setting anything in my Profile. And when I look at my Profile page it isn’t obvious to me how I change any Newness setting. And if I could, how would I choose which unread topics should be treated as New?

I saw this turn up yesterday or the day before. I did nothing, that I know of, to set it off…


Sorry this was causing so much confusion.

I simplified our internal logic so this message is no longer required and the system just goes ahead and corrects itself.

  • We never allow more that 200 new topics
  • If you have 300+ unread we “automatically” treat a bit pile of the as read, cause we can not easily handle tracking huge numbers of unread AND they are of very limited value (unless you are going for an inbox 10000 kind of thing)

Should be deployed here soon

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