Disjoint BRep

Somehow I run into disjoint BReps while Check and SelBadObjects don’t complain about the object.

Is there a better way to find these objects andseparate them other than Explode&Join?

disjoint_brep.3dm (362.1 KB)

Hi Keyu -

I assume this was created by code? If so, perhaps the code could be modified to output separate BReps?

Other than that, you can run the CreateRegions command on this object to create 9 separate closed polysurfaces.

No it’s from a Revit-exported DWG. They are indeed one piece of floor in the Revit, though. I assume they should be separated during the import?

demo dwg: multiplePart.dwg (93.5 KB)

demo rvt: test.rvt (456 KB)

Is there a way to Select such objects?

I tried hacking something together quickly - see if it works for you…

SelDisjointBreps.py (705 Bytes)

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