Discrete vectors

How can I make thickness to discrete vectors and make it a solid object to be baked?
can I see a full definition,plz?

A vector is something like a direction for instance in Euclidean space, usually depicted as an arrow of a certain length, reflecting the vector’s magnitude. There is no geometry per se!

You can use sdl line and create arrow with pipe and cone or create arrow in Rhino and use it

arrow 3d.gh (12.4 KB)

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But how they made this?

Is this a representation of lines only or could be made like pipes?
I’m sorry If I’m asking naive questions.

Ah, these are discreet polylines. :wink:
I believe you can find the components or similar ones in @Michael_Pryor’s Pufferfish add-on. Make sure to download the examples! I’m sure you’ll find something on this topic.

Thanks :relaxed: