Discovering the size of a pipe

I do a lot of drawings like

where I draw a line and then form a pipe. I may not write down or record my beginning and ending radii for the pipe while I’m in the artistic design mode, but then later I need to know what I did. If I type “what” I get information but not the beginning and ending radii. Is there a command or way to discover this info?

2D or 3D “drawing”? Can you post an example .3dm file?

You might try using the _Radius measuring tool and measure the end of the pipe - if it is cut straight. Otherwise you can extract an isocurve in the V direction somewhere along the pipe and measure the radius of that.

3D, Here 'tis.
Inches-TH-stair-3118mar.3dm (759.5 KB)

I’ve found that I can use Analysis->diameter on the ends of the pipe. But I’m still kind of surprised that “what” doesn’t describe it as a pipe and tell me its particulars…