Discourse: significant improvement over NNTP web interface

I’ve been using the newsgroups of rhino and rhino.plug-ins for over a year. Unfortunately, I could not use them from a newsgroup client due corporate policy not supporting NNTP traffic over the firewall, so I had to resort to the web interface.

For me, moving the discussion platform to Discourse is a significant improvement because now I can

  1. Quickly move to relevant categories instead of having to read multiple newsgroups
  2. Search items (my #1 gripe with the web interface)
  3. Feel like I am in the 21st century (really: NNTP is not user friendly, esp. not from the web interface)

Therefore: my complements to the guys at McNeel, I know you’re getting a lot of flak about the Discourse platform but at least for me, and I suppose all others who were using the web interface, this is a huge improvement!


My current favorite feature is being able to “@” someone in a post. This will send the person an email that they were mentioned in a post.

Ok, stupid question - or bad UI ergonomics (= I shouldn’t really have to ask this): How do I do that?


Just type @Philip in your post. The person should get an e-mail… ----H

I see :smile: Thanks Mitch! :sunny: :blush:


PS. However… I still don’t think I’m stupid. The ‘frame’ around the @Mitch confused me… Bad UI :smiley: