Discourse.mcneel API key?

Hi! I want to use Zapier to notify in another application when a post is published in a certain category, but I need the API Key of this Discourse, is it possible to send it to me by private message please? :pray:

Hi Dani,

As you mentioned in your DM, User API keys are already enabled on our server. Details about user api keys are here: User API keys specification - developers - Discourse Meta

The instructions on that page tell you how to integrate with Discourse and use the existing REST api to generate an API key. This is a Discourse feature that we don’t know anything about - you’re welcome to try to use it, but we don’t know how to support it. If you need help with it, you’ll need to contact the Discourse team at https://meta.discourse.org

Thanks for the reply Brian! I thought Discourse allowed to generate one from the admin panel.

It seams doesn’t work with user api keys… I generate one using:

but seems that Zapier needs a global API key…

using the user API key from the generator:

So, is it not possible for you to generate a key with read-only permissions?

Could you please create an API key for me with read-only permissions? It should be 2 min and probably with that it could work.


OK, got it. Sent in a DM.

Thanks Brian but sadly it doesn’t work. With the new key, if I put the url as https://discourse.mcneel.com I get the same 403 error as before. If instead I put https://mcneel.discourse.com I get:

So I search and found this:

For most cases, the Zap should be configured by a site admin with their Discourse username and API Key. API Keys can be generated on Discourse in the Permissions section of an Admin / User page. API Keys can be retrieved from that page when they are first created, or from the Admin / API page if you need to retrieve them at a later time.

So, do you think you have configured the API key as it says here? That url in the error message seems a bit odd to me.

EDIT: Asked to Discourse: